Don’t forget about Mutual Masturbation…

I Love Masturbation May!

I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Okay, truth be told, I don’t just masturbate in May. I like my orgasms, and sometimes there just isn’t a nice, long, hard, thick cock around to get me off. C’mon, you cocksucking faggots can relate, can’t you? So, on the rare occasions when that happens, Ms. Christine just has to take matters into her own hands – or maybe yours.

You Like to Watch

And I like to tease you. I’ll sit in my chair, while you kneel, naked at my feet. I spread my legs wide, hike my skirt up, and pull the thong of my panties away from my glistening pussy and start to play with it. Running my fingers over it, rubbing my clit, sliding those fingers deep inside of me. You can hear the squelching of my fingers thrusting in and out of my wet sex, you can smell the musk. I can see how hard it’s getting you, as I throw my head back and begin to moan. You want to stroke your cock, don’t you? Or maybe you’d rather have your fingers inside of me?

Finger Me While I Stroke You

Maybe I’ll help you out there pet. I slide down on the floor, and guide your hand to my steamy, wet crotch, while I grasp your rock hard shaft. I’ll match your rhythm. If you want me to stroke you hard and fast, you’d better start finger-banging me, slut! One rule. Don’t you dare cum until I tell you that you can. You’re going to bring me to orgasm after orgasm, while I tease you, and bring you to an edge for every orgasm I have. When I’m spent and exhausted and I just can’t take one more orgasm, maybe then I’ll finish you off. Maybe…

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