I do, so love to tease you…

A Horny Slut…

…Is a Happy Slut! And what better way to keep you horny than to tease, edge and deny you? And admit it, you know you’re happiest when you’re talking to me, your cock is hard and dripping pre-cum and I won’t let you have that release. As much as misery loves company, so does happiness. When you’re feeling happy, so am I. And you do want me to be happy, don’t you?

Masturbation Schedules

The easiest way to keep you feeling good is with a masturbation schedule. The great thing about that, is I don’t even have to actually be there with you. I can give you one through email, IM, or even as we’re finishing up a call. Maybe I’ll tell you I expect you to stroke 3 times a day, and I give you instruction on how hard, how fast and how many edges, or for how long. And while you jerk off, why don’t you pop on over to my photo gallery, and enjoy my pictures. Those sexy shots will keep you hard and horny!

Want To Cum

In my guided masturbation instructions, I’ll tell you to stroke and edge, but no cumming. Oh no, my pet, if you want to cum, I need to be there. How will I know if you are stroking correctly, how will I know how horny and desperate I’ve made you. And I so love hearing you beg for release – the release only I can give. When, where and exactly how I say 😉

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