Taylor6You know what I love about toying and teasing with your hard cock? The fact that I have the pussy, so I make all the rules! I can have you literally doing whatever I choose in the hopes that you will get to orgasm for me. I love that when I get you in a tease phone session, I play it up, having you imagine what it’s like if you were right here with me.

Jerk-Off Instructions with a twist..

I have a few select tricks I love to play with while making you get lost in a whirl-wind of erotic lust in a masturbation instruction session. These tricks work to build that orgasm up, bubbling right under the surface of your cum hole. Two of my favorite toys I love to tease you with are The Fleshlight and The Hitachi Wand. These two toys, combined with my need for power and control over your cock, can be a very deadly combination to your defenses!

Toes pointing and knees pushing, locking back..

When your balls start to turn warm from all the cum flooding into them – that is when we have just begun. When I get your legs opening wide, all of your excitability is exposed to me, and I start to get a real rush, that makes me want to play with you even more. You see, I will be doing everything in my power to push you, wanting you to cum harder than you ever have. But, you will need my permission to orgasm, and I don’t give up my rush that easily.

A push-pull of erotic power flows from your cock..

A little more of what’s in-store for you when we session together.. I love to tease your cock & balls with my index finger tip and my fingernails. The way I describe these things to you, will have you enjoying your time with me. I feed my feminine power from leading you, and training your cock to perform the way I like.

I do look forward to having a Masturbation Instruction session with you and throwing in a few twists along the way!

Mistress Taylor

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