Teasing you brings me pleasure!!!

…With Denial

It’s the ultimate tease, isn’t it? When I tell you, right off the bat, before that cock’s even been touched, that you’re not going to be allowed to cum? That you’re going to stroke that dick, that it’s going to be stroked, for a very long time, and there will be no relief. I let you know that I’m going to drive you mad, drive you right to the breaking point. Maybe even beyond, but you won’t cum. And, expert Masturbatrix that I am, you know I can do it too!

Edge After Edge

We’ll start with you stroking just the shaft. Stay away from that sensitive head. We’re going to build up slowly, until we get to that first edge. That feels good, doesn’t it? I’ve edged you before, and one edge? That’s easy. Then we start stroking the whole length of that prick. Up the shaft, over the head, and back down again, stroking faster after each edge. At some point though, I just won’t trust you anymore. I’m afraid you’ll give it just that one extra pump, and cum will start dribbling out of that cock. A ruined orgasm is better than none at all, isn’t it?

Ms. Christine Takes Over

That’s when I’ll tie you down to my stroking bench, and take control of your cock. More stroking, more edging. How many before you’re begging to cum? You think I’ll cave, don’t you, that I’ll take pity on you and let you have some type of orgasm, ruined or full. I like to hear you beg – it gets me wet – but after a while, I’ll just want you to shut up! Will it be a ball gag? Or maybe you’d much prefer that I lower my steamy, hot pussy over your mouth and make you lick me to a few orgasms? Like the ones you will never have!

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