Slow and steady is the tease I love…

Love the Slow Tease

This is a totally different kind of teasing. I like it when I get a caller who has lots of time to spend with me, so I can give him the slow tease. Most times, I have to just get into it, make you jerk fast and hard to get right to the edge – maybe a couple of edges – before I decide if you’ve been a good enough wanker and have earned an orgasm. It’s science. Maximum stimulation gets you on the edge that much quicker.

Slow Stroking

The slow tease is an art. Imagine it. You’re naked before me, and I start to slowly stroke your cock. I mean, really slowly, like one stroke every 10 seconds or so, 6 strokes a minute. You feel every part of my soft, skilled hands sliding up every inch of your dick. It would take forever until you get to even a peak – you know, say a 6 or 7 on a 1 to 10 scale. And even longer before you get to the edge. And I know that once I got you to the edge, I can make you ride it for a very long time with those slow strokes. Have you ever ridden your edge for a minute? How wonderful and intense does that feel? Imagine being able to ride it for 5 minutes!

Always Slow

Now, we’ve played that game before when I’ve guided your masturbation. Start off with you stroking slow, then speed it up, bit by bit, until that hand – mine or yours – is just a blur on your prick. But this time, I’ll just keep up the slow stroking. It’s interesting, that slow stroke becomes even more intense, as every inch of your cock is so sensitive, feeling every part of my hand. Talk about a prolonged teasing and edging session. This could go on for hours. I know though, it won’t be long before your begging me to finish you off!

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