Stroked for a room full of beautiful women

You are my date to a fun New Year’s Eve celebration.  You will be meeting some of my friends for the first time and do not know quite what to expect.  From the moment we enter the event, you are struck by the array of beautiful women in gorgeous gowns and the absence of other guys!  I smile at you and tell you to relax.  We are going to have a great night, I promise!

My friends are very gracious welcoming you to the party, but as the night progresses and folks get more relaxed, you notice some of the ladies seem overly friendly.  Not flirting with you, exactly, but touching you in odd ways and looking you over almost like they are inspecting you.  As we approach Midnight, the party Hostess visits us and says it is time to begin.  I smile and tell you to follow me.  I lead you up on a small stage at one end of the large dance hall.  I tell you to stand next to me and stay silent, please.  Then I address the crowd.

“Ladies, I am so glad to see you all again!  And so glad we can continue this tradition from our sorority days!”  Everyone laughs and cheers.  You glance nervously at me, but you smile.  “I have not explained this event to my date yet, but he is going to love it, isn’t he, girls?”  More laughing and cheering and a few girls hooting.  I turn to you and say, “Sweetheart, we have this tradition.  I need you to do just as I say, please.”  You nod that you will play along.

(Now I want you readers to follow along and I want you to stand in front of a mirror to see what you look like.  Imagine all my friends watching you on stage.)

I tell you to undress.

You look at me like I am crazy!  But the girls are cheering you on.  They want you naked.  I tell you to undress again.

You take off everything but your boxers.

I smile at you.  I smile at the audience and raise an eyebrow.  Then I walk over to you and kiss you and whisper in your ear that I appreciate your bravery.  I kneel down in front of you, a little to the side, and I cup your penis through your shorts so that the ladies can see the outline.  They are all hollering now.  I smile up at you as I run my fingers under the waste band of your shorts and pull them out a bit.  I stand and look in your shorts.  I smile back at the audience.  And then I slowly pull your boxers down until your hard cock pops out in front of all my friends.  Someone aims a spotlight right at your penis.  You are completely naked.

The hostess invites all guests to gather closely up near the stage, it is almost time!  I tell you to kneel down on your knees right at the very edge of the stage and before I can tell you what to expect, pretty hands are already reaching out, stroking your cock.  Different hands.  My friends all take turns.  The hostess announces that we have 60 seconds until the New Year begins!  The girls are stroking and caressing you until it is 20 seconds before Midnight.  Then they all back up and give me room.  I take your cock in my lubed hand and stroke you firmly.  I smile at you and I tell you,

“You WILL cum at the stroke of Midnight, do you understand?”

You nod and grin and then the ladies start cheering and shouting out the countdown.  Ten…  Nine …  Eight ….

Happy New Year, Baby!

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