Mistress Alexis showing some legTeasing You With My Body

In Ms. Alexis’ opinion – and that opinion is not humble by any means – one of the best ways to tease you is with my body. Actually, I think it’s to tease you with what you think my body looks like. I so enjoy Clothed Female, Naked Male play, and I think it’s an excellent way to tease your cock and keep you on edge.

Imagine What You’d See

It’s all about the tease, isn’t it? I’m sitting there before you, dressed in my blouse and the skirt that falls to my mid-thigh. I see you trying to get a view down my blouse, trying to see if you might see some skin, or maybe even a nipple. You might just get a chance to see my lacy bra, if I’ve left enough buttons undone. Is that skirt short enough for you to see the lacy tops of my thigh highs? Can you see the suspender clips of my garters? I know how much you’d like me to take all these clothes off.

I Know Exactly What I’m Doing To You

Because you are naked, completely and totally exposed to me. I can see how hard that cock is getting, how excited you are already, with that drop of pre-cum at the tip. If you stroke for me, if you follow my directions, maybe I’ll pop another button open, maybe I’ll pull the hem of my skirt up just a half inch more. Maybe we’ll play a game of Strip Edging. Every edge you get to and hold for me, I’ll let you see just a little bit more. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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