There are so many things that I enjoy, but teasing your cock has to be one of my most favorite.  Making you stroke, squeeze and grind into your hand puts such a big smile on my face. Trust me, we have only just begun, so buckle up and get ready for for the cock tease of your life. Remember one thing, I OWN THAT DICK and I will decide when and if you will release.

Oh please don’t look so pathetic. It is what it is. I control you with my voice, words and commands.  So start stroking and do not get it twisted, I pay very close attention to what you are doing.

 I will do whatever I want to arouse you

Well, I think  we need to amp it up a bit, let me slip out of the top of my little black dress and drag my hard nipples across the tip of your cock.  Oh did that feel good? Well don’t get used to it. Teasing you is something that brings me such great pleasure and no I won’t stop when you ask me to. I will only tease that prick even more.

So you’ve had enough?

So are you sure you want to keep telling me that you have had enough?. I will tell you when that happens, in fact may I suggest that you just don’t say anything. You will find out that is the best thing for you to do when it comes to me. So how does my soft finger tip feel making those slow firm little circles right there on the tip? I sense that it is driving you crazy, to bad so sad. Watch me as I get undressed and let my little black dress fall to the floor. Do you like what you see? Take a good look because it may be the last time you ever cast your eyes on my naked body.

Another happy ending

Now continue stroking and edging that cock of yours while I stand in front of you and take my middle finger and start rubbing my hard clit. Ohhhhhh….. that feels so good, I’m so wet and so ready to cum. I take my wet finger from my hot little pussy and drag it across your lips. Taste my sweet juices.  Now watch as I turn around and walk away from you, leaving you sitting there with your hard dick in your hand, all alone.  Another happy ending for me, my work here is done. Ha ha ha … happy stroking.

Ms Cooper

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