Why I Like Teasing Your Cock

Because it amuses me, stroker boy! Watching you jerk on that cock, following all my instructions, knowing that you won’t – you can’t – cum until I tell you? Well, not only does it make me giggle, but it also confirms my belief. I am the most important person in your world, aren’t I?

Let Me Guide Your Masturbation

I have so many ways to tease your cock. And if – oh, and that’s a very big if – I actually let you cum, it will be the most satisfying mind blowing orgasm you have ever had. You know it’s true, why else would you let me control that cock of yours? To bring you to the edge of cumming, only to tell you “No, not yet.”


And The Ways I Can Tease That Cock!

You usually just wrap your fist around that cock and just start stroking, don’t you? I told you though, I’ll tease it. What if I told you just to stroke the shaft? Or just rub the head of it, over and over again, with the palm of your hand. Maybe we could cool you off and when you’re right on the edge of cumming, I’ll have you stop, grab a few ice cubes and stroke with those in your hand. Do you think you’d be able to get to the edge again before the ice melts? I am a Cocktease Princess though, so you should know before you even start that your cock belongs to me. I’ll decide when – or even if – you get to shoot that load for me.

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