How long have you been caged?

The Chastity Slave

In my opinion (notice I didn’t say humble opinion – there’s nothing humble about me, pets!), teasing a chastity slave is the ultimate cocktease. Your cock is all locked up in that chastity device, and there’s absolutely no chance you are getting to cum…not tonight, maybe not ever again. So there’s teasing, edging (maybe…) and the denial. I can tease you, go away, then come back and tease you again.

A Locked Cock Gets No Love

Notice how I wrote up there that there may be edging? You see, I may not even take that cock out of its cage. And if I don’t take it out of the cage, there won’t be any stroking. Maybe I’ll just play around with that locked prick, watching as it tries to get hard, hearing your groans and moans as it swells and gets squeezed, unable to get hard. Then it softens and I do it all over again. Tell me, is that worse than being edged? How frustrating it must be for you.

How Hard Can You Get

Perhaps I’ll just slip it off, for just a little while. I’ll bet as soon as that chastity device comes off, that cock will get as hard as it possibly can. Or it’s just possible it won’t. Maybe it’s been in that cage for so long, it will only get half-hard – only as hard as it can get with all that plastic wrapped around it. I’m not sure how that would make me feel. You can’t get it up for a sexy MILF like me? Then again, it might make me happy to know that I’ve trained you so well, that you’ve become such a chastity slave that I’ve really and truly taken control of your cock.

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