Some Of The Best Masturbation Techniques, Just For You

For this assignment, my pets, I decided to compile some of the best stroking techniques I could find, and put you through your paces. I’m going to give you a technique, and you get to stroke with it for one minute, then you will switch. We’ll see how many techniques you can get through before you are begging to cum. Think of it as a really quick Pass The Penis Game, with only Ms. Christine as your Masturbatrix. Now, before you start, you need some lube, a stop watch or timer, a cock ring and a butt plug, dildo or prostate massager. Don’t have one of those last three? I guess you’ll just need to use your finger.

Let’s Get Stroking

You can start by sliding that cock ring down your shaft. Is it nice and tight? That should keep you hard throughout the challenge. Now get a nice dollop of lube in your palm and start rubbing the head of your cock. That’s a nice warm-up for a minute, isn’t it? Now, slowly stroke just your shaft, about one stroke every two seconds, a second up, and a second down. You should get 30 strokes in before your minute is up. For the next minute, you’re going to double that speed. Remember, just the shaft! When you’re done with your third minute, you can go all the way up and over your head – but very slowly. Five whole seconds up, and five down. We’re going to stroke like this for the next five minutes, and every minute, you’ll speed up by a second. When you’re done with those five minutes of stroking, I want you to stroke as hard and fast as you can. I expect at least 100 strokes in that last minute.

No You Cannot Cum!

We’re not done yet! I’ll bet you edged a few times though, didn’t you? We’ll let that cock rest a bit while you fuck your horny little hole as fast as you stroked that cock for the last minute. Keep fucking yourself, and squeeze and massage your balls for the next minute, then you can start stroking that cock again. Do it just like above, but do it while you’re plunging that butt plug or dildo in and out of your ass. You have permission to cum now, you little slutty bitch!

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