Guess what, plaything, you’re invited to a Mistress Halloween party!

Yes, Cocktober is here, and it’s my favorite month because it’s made for little cockteases like me. And what better opportunity to tease than at a costume party full of sexy, wicked Mistresses who can’t get enough of making your cock stiffen up! You didn’t know you’d be the only guy at this party, but now all eyes are on you as our next cockteasing victim, and look at you in that flimsy little costume…. soft, thin fabric barely covering you up. It’s going to be very hard to hide your raging erection once we get the festivities started!

Trick or Treat with Mistresses Ivy and Callie

It just amuses and excites us so much seeing you unable to contain that hard-on, right at the edge again and again– we just had to make this Halloween party last all month! Whether you’re a denied tease toy, or a tease victim who gets so excited he just spurts everywhere, Mistress Ivy and I have something in store for you at our cockteasing Cocktober party. If you session with both of us, either individually or for some two-Mistress fun, anytime before Cocktober 31st, you’ll win a free “Trick or Treat” audio from two extreme Cockteases! Will your throbbing self get a “trick” or a “treat” is the question…. And can you handle all the phone sex teasing, edging and stroking we’ll put you through in order to get those audios?

Sexy Costumes Mean No Relief for Your Cock

At this party, we’re going to be dressed in the wickedest Halloween costumes possible– I think sexy schoolgirl and naughty nurse will make your cock stiffen right up the moment you lay eyes on us. Aw, did I see a bit of twitching in your shorts? Don’t worry, this naughty nurse is a trained professional, I can help relieve some of that pressure for you… Ooh yes, it’s really building up, now isn’t it! I’m sure having a sexy schoolgirl sit in your lap will help calm you down….

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