I am such a cocktease  and I do so enjoy it! Keeping you hard and on the edge of cumming, knowing only I can grant you release. There are so many ways to do it too. I can tie you to a chair and let you watch while I pleasure myself. I’ve locked cuckolds in my closet and made them just listen while I let my lover have his way with me. I can stroke you softly and sensuously. I know all the spots to provide you pleasure, but never let you cum. I think today though, I’ll just tease you with some panties.

Panty Stroking

You’ll need two pairs.If I was there with you then the pair would be ones I’d worn all day, musky with my scent, but since I’m not there, you’ll just have to imagine it. Place one pair over your face and make sure the crotch covers your mouth and nose. The other pair should be nice and silky. Take that in your hand and start stroking that hard cock, nice and slow. Doesn’t it feel so good? That slippery silk sliding up and down your shaft and over your sensitive head. Imagine how your senses would be swimming if those panties on your head were really mine? My entire being would be in you, suffocating you with my intoxicating Goddessly scent.

Stroke Harder

Start stroking harder for I want you on the edge of cumming! We’re going to ride that edge for a while- while you moan, plead and beg. How much slicker do those panties feel now that the pre-cum is starting to ooze out of your cock? Do they feel so good that it’s just driving you crazy? Do you think you’ll lose your mind if I don’t let you cum, if you don’t get to shoot that precious load? When you’ve begged enough and when I feel you just can’t take it anymore, then I’ll let you cum. When you’re done though make sure you shove those spunk filled panties in your mouth and suck out every drop of that cream!

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