You Want Your Cock Teased

Don’t deny it, you know you do. That’s why you’ve sought out an expert Cock Control Mistress like me. You know that the only way to get what you want – those powerful, mind-blowing orgasms–is to have your cock teased and denied for hours. You know you can’t do it because you have no willpower.  As soon as you get close you just start wacking it harder and faster until you cum. So, you’ve found a cocktease mistress. How do you find an actual cocktease in real life, though? Well, your assignment is to learn the signs that a woman is a cocktease.

Why Do We Cocktease?

Because it’s fun, you slut! And because we can. You come off like you are all so high and mighty, so in control, but down deep inside you’re all ruled by your cocks and by your need to shoot that load. And we women all know it!  Admit it though, you do like the attention and you just want there to be a climax to it. We all know it too and it’s so much fun to just push your buttons to see what you’ll do. Will you get naked for us while we only give you glimpses of whatl is under our clothes? Will you dress up in panties if we promise you we’ll stroke you? That power is the best aphrodisiac!

How to Tell If She’s a Cocktease

So, let us imagine you are chilling at a bar. How do you know if the lady you’re talking to is a cocktease? Does she ask you all kinds of questions about you but never volunteers any information about herself? Cocktease.  Never makes direct comments about how cute or attractive you are?  Cocktease. Keeps the conversation restricted to what’s going on in the moment and never talks about the past or the future (because you have none!)? Cocktease. Let’s her gal pal pull her away from you (probably because her gal pal is a lot better with her mouth and a cock than you are!) Cocktease. Takes your number but doesn’t give you hers? Cocktease. Now, if as she’s leaving she reaches down below and gives a quick squeeze of your cock just to see what effect she’s had on you? COCKTEASE! And one you should pursue because she’s probably willing to do all those nasty things you tell me about when you call me.

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