If you’re reading my blogs, you know I’m delving into the world of The Kama Sutra. One of the things I’ve been reading about is chastity. In the Kama Sutra, it was meant for women but I’m the Modern Kama Sutra Mistress, so in my world you’ll be the one in chastity!

Kali’s Teeth

One of the deities of the Hindu religion is the Goddess Kali, so I think it’s only appropriate that to serve me in chastity you use a Kali’s Teeth chastity device. It’s so wickedly simple – all those spikes digging into your cock when you start to get hard. I want to see how long you can keep it on, so once you lock it on be sure to take that key and freeze it in a block of ice. That will give you time to think about how disappointed I’ll be if you unthaw that key and remove the chastity device before I give you permission. Go ahead, place that collar around the base of your cock and lock it on tight. Feel the weight of it on your cock. Are you getting hard already? Remember, getting a hard-on will come with consequences and I’ll bet you’re feeling them already, aren’t you?

Suffer for me

The suffering your Kama Sutra Mistress Sonali is going to put you through with the help of Kali is only beginning. Get yourself as comfortable as you can, flip on your computer and start surfing some porn sites. Find something that really gets you hot and horny–make sure it’s a long clip, at least 10 minutes–maybe a nice Femdom video. Can you feel Kali’s teeth digging into your sensitive cock shaft as you get hard watching some video where there is a Mistress spanking or pegging some poor submissive, wishing it was me doing those things to you? Do you actually get completely hard, or does it only get to about half-mast before the pain just becomes too much and you deflate? I want you to do this every night, for at least an hour. When you’re ready to be released then you may call me. I may let you out for a long tease and denial session and it will be up to me what to do next with you!

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