Did you think you’d get away with it, stroker?

Honestly? Did you think that when I noticed all my favorite pairs of panties were disappearing that I wouldn’t set up a little device and catch you in the act? That’s right, panty-sniffer. Cam has been watching you this whole time, and you are SO busted.

Masturbation Humiliation

Sure, you can try to beg for mercy, but this little Cocktease is not known for holding back. I know that your pathetic cock stiffens right up the moment I walk by, and I know how effortless it is to tease you with my gorgeous sun-kissed legs, my luscious ass, my tight little body and perfect tits… You thought a girl-next-door like me couldn’t possibly have a secret sadist inside, but revenge is a real bitch, stroker! And now you’re going to put on a little show for me, with that cock on full display…

Now You Play by MY Rules

That cock belongs to me now, and you will do whatever I say with it, right here in front of me. Every instruction I give you, you follow to the letter. And I know how much you just adore the scent of my yummy little panties, so I’m going to tease the hell out of those aching balls by slipping them right off, and tossing ’em in your face! That’s right, pull them right over your head. God, you look like such a pathetic little bitch right now. Keep begging for me to go easy on you, to let you stop stroking for just one minute…. See where it gets you. I’m having way too much fun watching you squirm and moan, my little toy!

Will I let you cum? Take a listen to the audio and find out….

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