I love to tease guys

After all, I am sexy and hot and I know most guys want me. When I was in college, I would occasionally take the Rail Runner to classes. It was kinda boring and most of the time I just studied during the ride. But one day this guy got on and was headed the same place as I was. He was good looking and he noticed me, and I obviously noticed him. I saw him looking at me a couple of times and just smiled as he quickly averted his eyes.

He was cute, and when I saw him back the next day, I decided to have some fun.

Lucky for me on this particular day, there were no seats and we were standing in the middle isle. I found myself standing next to him. I was wearing a very nice perfume, a short skirt with a button up shirt and cotton bra. The excitement of standing so close to him, made my nipples perk right up, and they were visible through my shirt. I leaned into him making sure my hard nipples rubbed across him. He looked at me and quickly turned away. Then I did it again at the next stop, pressing even harder against him and making sure my breasts pressed and flattened on him. He smiled and blushed, as I just smiled back and excused myself.

A day or so later, to my delight he sat across the aisle from me. I was wearing a skirt and had on some bright red lace panties. I made eye contact with him and he nodded hello. As I caught his eye, I slowly opened my legs giving him a good peek up my skirt. I saw his eye’s go down to the unavoidable site that no guy can resist. I giggled to myself as he quickly looked up at me. But this time, I smiled back at him and looked down at myself. I opened my skirt even further in a silent invitation to peek. This time he took a good look before I crossed my legs and shut off the view. I could see the bulge growing in his pants. It was our stop and he stood anxiously. I stood behind him and pressed up close to him.

 My breasts flatted against his back and I reached around and ran my hand over his now hard cock.

I felt him tense as the line of people slowly moved to the exit. My hand grabbed his cock as we moved forward and I gave it a few good strokes. It was hard and I knew he wanted to fuck me right then and there. As we exited the Rail Runner, I smiled and said “see you tomorrow”, and walked off to class.

But, I never saw him again. I decided just to take my car after that. I often wonder if he strokes while thinking about that train ride and his short, sensual, erotic encounter with me. I’m such a cocktease.

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