Sex Lessons from Your Cock Tease MILF

What does every young man have in common sexually?  It’s the desire for a mature, more experienced sexual partner to teach and guide them in the ways of sensuality and sexuality. This is why so many men seek out a MILF Goddess to learn more about their own sexualities, as well as the myriad of ways in which to please a woman.  What these younger men fail to remember is that part of what pleases a woman is a thorough cock tease session.  There is something divine about watching a younger man squirm at your fingertips as you hold him just moments before orgasm.

Intensity of the MILF Cock Tease

I love to push my men to the verge of arousal, keeping them lingering between a semi-erect cock and full hard-on.  These men become so willing to do whatever it takes to feel pleasure of any kind that they will comply with any request that their seductive cock tease Mistress may ask of them.  There are many ways for a MILF Goddess to keep her man lingering in this position for quite some time.  The only way to keep him from a fully-erect cock is to be exceptionally careful about when to deny his body of all stimulation. Much the same way as one achieves a abandoned orgasm.  You have to know when to stop.

I love to open the eyes of my  lover to all different types of stimulation during my cock teasing sessions.  This may require the feelings of different sensations such as silk, soft furs, large amounts of lubrication, or any number of things that changes his guided masturbation sensations on command.  Controlling his every sensation is KEY to a perfect cock tease session from a MILF Goddess. That is a factor that most younger women forget about when attempting to play a game of tease and denial with their men.  I personally delight in watching him beg for more just as I leave him panting, hard and whimpering on the edge.

Can You Handle My Cock Teasing Ways?

As a cock tease, I know all the secrets of getting my man rock-hard during our phone sex session.  Often, just the sound of my  seductive voice will have you throbbing before I have even given you the first guided masturbation instruction!  There is so much more to cock tease phone sex than you have ever imagined. I delight in taking you to that precipice over and over again.  You will have to earn your ultimate pleasure by withstanding my wicked cock teasing session.

How many different sensation variations do you think your HOT, sexually invigorated body could handle as you listen to the sound of your perfect MILF phone sex lover purring into your ear?  You will practically feel the warmth of my breath on your ear as you listen to me whisper all the delicious , lurid things I have planned for you.  You should know that a MILF cock tease will hold out  much longer than you are accustomed to. That is just another reminder of the intense power that I hold over your own sexual pleasure!  Are you ready to experience sexual stimulation with a cockteasing MILF?

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