Today I have asked you to join me in the conference room to review this quarter’s projections. I am dressed to kill with a sexy ivory white chiffon blouse and a form fitting red pencil skirt. My red lace bra is easy to see even though I did wear a white camisole over it. I am wearing lovely perfume and sheer white stockings and red stilettos. I know I look hot and I can see it in your eyes as you enter the conference room.

Papers are spread all over the table and I have you sit next to me. I begin to point out the figures on the papers leaning close to you so you can smell my perfume. I have unbuttoned my blouse a bit to give you a good peek down to see my bra. I lean over a bit further and I see your eyes wander, and the obvious shock as you realize my bra has openings for the nipples-which you can clearly see. I ask if you see something you like and you don’t know what to say. I take your hand and place it over my breast and my other hand slips down between your legs.

I can feel your hard cock through your pants and I begin to slide my hand over it as I feel your hand on my breast.

I unbutton a few more buttons and allow your hands inside to tease my nipples. I pull my skirt up and show you my garter belt and panties. My panties are crotchless and you see my pink pussy wet and ready as I unzip you and pull out your hard cock. I move over your chair and mount you, taking you deep inside me and pulling your head into my breasts, your tongue teasing my nipples.

And then you feel something hit you hard and you hear my voice, controlled and businesslike. Are you asleep? You wake up realizing that you have been sleeping and dreaming the whole thing. We are in a meeting, but with a few other female employees and you have been rubbing your cock and saying my name.

I tell you I think you better go back to your desk and you stand, the obvious bulge in your pants poking out and when you leave we all have a good laugh.

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