Do you have any idea how much I love being a cocktease? It’s so easy to be a sexy fem dom phone sex sex Goddess. You stroker boys are so easy to control!  You look at me with my long raven hair that goes half-way down my back and my honey-toned skin, and you’ll do anything to have me.  I however, am a delicious treat that has to be earned.

Tying you up

I think tonight I’ll tie you up, naked of course, to a straight backed wooden chair.  I’ll completely immobilize you from your ankles to your neck so you can’t move a muscle.  Then I’ll take a cock ring and slowly slide it down to the base of your rock hard shaft, making you squirm in anticipation.  Do you think I’m going to give you a nice, sensual handjob? Or maybe you think I’m going to get down on my knees and give you a wet, sloppy blowjob ? SORRY SUCKER, I’m a cocktease remember?

Watch me

I leave you immobilized and tied up, while I sit regally upon my throne.  I spread my long legs and start playing with my pussy. This is the pussy you will never have.  I run my fingers through the damp folds of my pussy and start fingering myself.  Oh, it feels so good!   Are you enjoying the show?  I start to flick my clit and rub it and I moan deeply, bringing myself to a wrenching orgasm while you sit there frustrated with your dick dripping pre-cum as your excitement mounts.  I can see you trying to move your hips trying to fuck the air!  I’ve tied you up well, and you can’t move more than an inch or two.  When I’m done, I’m sweaty and exhausted and completely spent from all the orgasms I’ve had. I’ll just sit and watch as you beg me – to service me, to satisfy me, and of course to cum yourself.  You won’t get any of those though, because…I’m a cocktease!

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