You know I have been a tease all my life. I just find something erotic about the thought that there are guys out there stroking their nice hard cocks as they imagine me. Thinking of all the naughty things I might do for them, or to them. I also have a voyeuristic streak in me and a couple of weeks ago I got the perfect opportunity to explore that.

I thought my stroker boys might enjoy this.

I was visiting a friend in the city. I got in late in the afternoon and checked into my hotel. I met my friend for dinner and we planned out our day together. I know what you’re thinking… but, no I returned to my hotel late that evening. As I stood in my fifteenth floor room next to the ceiling-to-floor window; having a glass of wine, I started thinking.

I wondered if anyone was watching me?

It was then that I decided that this would be their lucky day if they were. I took another sip of my wine, then moved my hand down and began rubbing myself through my jeans.

I started getting into this, even getting a little excited imagining a few guys out there starting to get hard. I started moving around seductively, removed my shirt and started massaging my breasts in my red lace bra for my audience. I unbuttoned my jeans and lowered them and seductively stepped out of them as I pressed my breasts against the window. I could hear zippers bursting and cocks popping all over the city as I slipped my finger inside my red lace panties and began to please myself. I popped off my bra and gave them a good view of my firm breasts.

I moved the chair over to the window and sat down and began to pleasure myself.

My panties came off and the thought of being watched as I did this, guys stroking to this unexpected show, just drove me over the edge. When I was done, I stood naked in the window and gave my boys a smile and a wave goodnight. I closed the curtains and went to bed still thinking about being watched and just had to touch myself again.

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