I came out tonight just to find a guy like you. A guy that I could play with.

I dressed specifically for this, for my night out. I wore a short black skirt and tight fitting pink top that definitely showed my girls off. When I turn just right, my nipples would magically appear so I spent some time in front of the mirror making sure I knew exactly how to make them show and disappear–which is just the way I wanted it to be able to tease every inch of you. And of course I had on a hot pair of pink zebra-striped heels that were sure to draw all attention in the place to me.

I strode confidently into the bar and took my place on one of the stools. I saw you as I came in and made sure there was nobody between us. I ordered a drink and took a fleeting glance in your direction. As I suspected, you were checking me out. I smiled at you and slowly crossed my legs giving you just a second to peek up my skirt, but short enough to assure it could just be a mistake. That fleeting glance of my bright pink lace panties, brought a glimmer to your smile.

You came over and introduced yourself and I told you my name and asked with a girlie giggle if you liked to play pool. You of course wouldn’t say no if you never played in your life, so we went to the table. You broke and I took my turn. I stood staring at the table as if I didn’t know what shot to make and made sure my nipples were protruding. You almost drooled as I bent over the table and leaned forward assuring a good view of my panty covered ass and took my first shot. I drained it. I put in a few more and then missed on purpose. I walked over and took a drink and as you were eyeing the table, and eyeing me, I started to slowly stroke the thick end of the pool queue.

I knew I owned you and kept teasing you

Touching your ass as you were about to shoot and finding the one place where I had to squeeze by you and press my boobs against you as I did. We played three games with me touching and teasing you. Giving you peeks and flirting with you.

I finally finished my drink and said, “well this has been fun pet, but now I want to go to my boyfriend’s house and get laid!”. I promptly left having not paid and laughed my way out.

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