Office tease from the secretary that is seeking a different kind of raise.

I’ve been working for you for over a year now and haven’t had a raise or even a performance review. But I have seen you checking out my ass when I bend over to get a file and I have noticed that your eyes don’t always meet mine when we talk, they look down a bit. I do think you’re kind of cute so I decide to see if you are really interested.

Time to Play with my Boss

I come to work the next day wearing a sheer chiffon peach blouse and a mid thigh matching pencil skirt. Showing a little more leg than normal and my soft lavender lace bra is easily seen through my blouse. I attend to my morning routine and when you come into the office your eyes go straight to my breasts. I stand and lean forward giving you a good look and ask if you want a cup of coffee. You see that I noticed your glare and only slightly embarrassed say yes and head to the office.

Later that morning you have a meeting with your boss and ask if I will come in and take notes. I come in taking a chair just to the side of your desk facing you, with a clear view for you, but blocked by the desk from your boss. I sit and slowly cross my legs watching you as you leer sideways trying to get a peek. This is fun and the meeting continues, I slowly raise my skirt hem up exposing the lavender straps of the garter belt as it connects to my silk stockings. I laugh to myself as you lose your train of thought and have to start over with your topic. I slide the skirt up even more a few minutes later.

I giggle to myself as you notice I’m not wearing panties and you have a clear view of my fully shaved pussy.

You cough and try to control yourself and I see the bulge beginning to show in your pants. Again you recover and continue with your meeting. Your boss seems not to notice me at all, but that’s his way, all business. So, this time during a lull in the conversation as you both review a large sheet of numbers, I take one hand and slowly slip my finger down and up over my slit making sure you have a good view. I have another second so I finger myself one last time then take up the pencil and continue with the notes. You are so flustered, you tell your boss that your not feeling well and ask if you can reschedule for tomorrow. He grudgingly agrees and leaves as you stand showing a pronounced bulge in your pants.

I laugh as I peer at your bulge and lean over and rub it’s length with my hand. I wrap my hand around through your pants and look you in the eye as I lean in and lick where the tip is. Well, I say, that wasn’t exactly the raise I was looking for, but it is a nice one. At that I stand, adjust my skirt and leave your office giving you a good view of my sexy ass as I do.

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