Relax and Release…or not

Just relax. Lay flat on your back, fully clothed. Just let all the excitement wash away. I know you are excited to play but fight the urge. Lay your head on the pillow, your arms to your sides.

Now I’m going to relax your body one nugget at a time. Remember, you should be fully clothed.

Take a deep breath in, now out. Relax your feet. Imagine them as heavy as boulders. Allow them to slip into the bed. Just relax.

Now your calves. Every twitch and fiber is turning to puddy. Your knees hot with relaxation. Don’t move, just allow your mind to relax. Now your thighs. Good boy!

Now it’s time for you to let both your arms fall asleep. Lay them palms in toward your sides. Falling like a ballerina.

Your chest is heavy, keep breathing. Let the air move in and out like a machine. Relax your neck, allow the smooth sensation to go up the back of your head. Now your whole head is relaxed.

Take a breath, and another, let yourself escape into the relaxation….

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