When a woman is as tall as I am, she learns early just how effective her long, sexy legs are at getting a man’s attention.  I hear guys whistle as I walk by, see their long, lingering looks, and I catch them looking my shapely legs up and down all the time.

Just the other night, I was sitting in a restaurant and suddenly felt that I was being watched.  I turned and saw an attractive, older man gazing at my legs with such an open expression of admiration and desire.  That sent a rush of fluid between my legs, soaking my dark green satin panties immediately.

Never put it past me to use my legs to get your attention.  Crossing the right over the left, and bouncing my right leg gently.  Like an erotic metronome.  You see it out of the corner of your eye, look to see what that movement is…and that’s it.  I have you!  From that moment, you have great difficulty pulling your eyes away.  You can barely continue your conversation; trying to carry on but stumbling over your words.

I laugh softly at what I am doing to you.  Then I see you reach down to shift your package a bit.  That can mean only one thing…your cock has noticed my legs too.  And it likes what it sees!  I know that your cock is unfurling, growing…crowded inside your clothing…wanting its freedom.

You notice that I see your predicament and am enjoying it immensely.  This both embarrasses and excites you, in equal measure.  Listen to the audio below to find out what I do with my long, slender legs next.

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