Greetings to all you naughty stroker boys! Mistress Ashley here with a guided masturbation session that is certain to “tease” you! For this session you will need a clean towel (not your dream catcher lol), a jar of Vick’s VapoRub, any toys you may have such as a butt plug, suction cup, dildo (ideal), girlfriend’s vibrator lol, anal beads or vibrating eggs. I bet you are trembling with eager anticipation already aren’t you naughty one? Good, now let’s begin.

First I want you to smear your toy with the VapoRub and insert nice and slow. If you don’t have any of the above mentioned, improvise! Grab a carrot, cigar cylinder, candle stick, anything that would fit into that bottom! You will feel a nice cooling sensation on impact that will soon begin to warm up quite nicely. For those who are into a more intense ass on fire burning sensation you may use icy hot or tabasco sauce. Now begin to work that toy in and out with a little more zest! How is it feeling? What’s it doing to that cock? I bet you are rock hard and aching at this point!

Now it’s time to smear that cock with the VapoRub, get it nice and slick. If you don’t seem to be getting the desired friction towel off a bit and apply a smaller amount. Mistress Ashley says stroke for me! Aren’t I the enchanting mistress of you’re dreams? How I love submissive men and know how they adore dominant women! Now on with the masturbation instructions. I want you to use a tight fisted approach on that dick for the first five minutes. You will do this at a very slow pace. The next five minutes will be more of a humping action to the point where you are actually working up a sweat. I want you to edge as much as possible at this point without releasing! After ten minutes have been completed you may enjoy ten minutes devoted solely to that ass. Really work it good and once that ten minutes have been completed you may click below to hear my message to you. Enjoy!

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