It’s no secret, I love listening to men masturbate.  I love all those little moans and groans, the breathless panting, love teasing you to hear you get all worked up.  There’s probably only one thing I like more– and that’s watching men masturbate!  Not everyone has a webcam, and–sadly–not everyone wants to flash me some cock– if you fall into either of those categories, well, we’ll always have our hot phone sex stroking sessions.  But if you do, then hop in front of the camera and drop those drawers for me!

Better yet, grab your favorite toy while you’re at it.  Whether it’s a fleshlight or prostate massager, pull it out and get ready to make love to the camera.  Thought you could sneak a few extra strokes in while edging?  Not on my watch, strokerslut.

Of course, webcam and toys are perfect for an erotic humiliation session as well.  Sure, I can compare your cock to the baby carrots in my fridge any day, but watching you compare that tiny little prick to an ACTUAL baby carrot from your fridge?– well, I might just die of laughter.  Ditto for live condom fittings!  And for the painsluts–at least if you do it on cam, I won’t lose track of how many clothespins I’ve had you attach to your balls.  It’s always a pity when I have to start all over again!  And boy is it fun to watch your ass redden from spankings, especially when you’ve got a pair nice frilly panties pulled down to show me those paddle prints.

Whether your pumping your cock with a fleshlight, trying to hold out as long as possible for me, or whether we’re playing a sexy, humiliating game of strip poker that leaves you naked and exposed and me, well, fully clothed (imagine that!)– everything has the potential to be a little kinkier on cam!

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