You know they all want your life, don’t you? They see me through their own desires, sensual, sexual, seductive, all the things they long for, but never seem to get. They watch me teasing you, flirting so playfully, never casually insulting your manhood the way their own wives do. I wear such feminine things, sundresses and heels instead of sweats and t-shirts like their wives. And when I do wear jeans and t-shirts? Well, let’s just say they can’t stop staring… no Mom jeans for me and the tees accentuate my body rather than hide it. Yes, darling, they would so love to be you… they envy you with an intensity that borders on hatred… and yet they don’t see the entire story of our lives do they, darling?

Do you tell them how I lock up that big cock I brag about? Do you tell them how I’ll tie you up and tease you for hours on end with no hope for sexual release? Do you think they’d mistake your moans of agony as I’m flogging you for ecstasy? And do you think they suspect that when I do allow those enormous blue balls of your a chance to explode, you’re often flat on your back, bound and gagged with me atop you… a human sex toy I’m using for my own pleasure, teasing you and denying you orgasm? No… they see what they want to see… a strong, muscular, alpha male role model who has it all and they project the things they crave most onto you, darling. Perhaps they wouldn’t be so jealous… or maybe they’d be even more jealous since I care enough about your cock to control it.

Every single one of your friends flirts with me behind your back and we both know it. Don’t you wish you were the lucky bastard they THINK you are? Ironic, isn’t it? They look at their boring, mundane lives and prudish wives and imagine all kinds of wicked things that I’m doing to you right next door. Well, let me enlighten you darling… you ARE a lucky bastard. When a dominant woman chooses you to be her mate and you’re strong enough to surrender your will to hers, only good things come of it… even if those good things are delayed until I’m good and ready.

While they’re fumbling under the covers for a furtive release when she’s cut them off, you’re pleasuring me with your tongue, my glorious body panting, throbbing with orgasm after orgasm that my big strong slave boy provides… And though they have the freedom to do as they will with their cocks, even controlled, your controlled release is much more pure, beautiful and sought after. Your orgasms, though limited, rock your body with a undeniable pleasure that those vanilla boys can only dream of… and you know they do. Now tell me you aren’t a lucky bastard…

And listen to the audio for my plans for you tonight, darling. I’m sure you’ll be aching and edgy before I even get home. But a good boy like you knows that the good things that come to those who wait trumps fleeting moments of lust. Are you ready for me tonight?


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