Do you know what my favorite part of begging is?  Do you think it’s the pathetic whimpers that slip out of your mouth, the sobbing pleas to tell me that your cock just can’t take it anymore or the quake I hear at the back of your throat as you moan for a final release?  Do you think I keep you begging just to hear all that?  Nice try, little subbie, my favorite part of begging will always only ever be…


Of course, you know if you want to cum, you have to beg.  This is after we’ve discussed a hot, cockteasing scenario in which a buffet of sexy situations could arise– perhaps I let you worship every inch of my body, from my toes to my ass to perfect breasts, or maybe I invite you along to meet my muscular man-friend, who can tell your mouth would make an excellent fit for his giant cock… or you could just be down on your knees the whole time, humiliated for that tiny prick of yours and caged up in my laundry room– and after we’ve got you all worked up, begging just to touch your cock, well, I’ll probably let you give it a little stroke, if you’ve been good.  I’ll let you slide two fingers up and down that cock until you’re starting to sweat just a little bit.  “Oh, Mistress, I’m getting closer,” you say, and I think, Oh, really?  Closer to what, make I ask?  Did you think you were getting closer to cumming?

I won’t be able to hold back a laugh when you say that, because, really dear, you couldn’t be farther from it.  In fact, your begging’s just begun!

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