I had a dream last night about you. In the dream, I answered the door when the bell rang, and standing there in a tight form fitting, black leather outfit and a sexy grin was you. You pushed me into the house and made me strip. I couldn’t help it, my cock was rock hard seeing you so close to me. You grabbed me by the cock, making me yelp and dragged me over to the corner. “You want to be a naughty boy playing with yourself all the time” you scolded me, making me kneel down and pulling my cock back through my legs as I whimpered.

You started jerking me off roughly, slapping my balls and telling me you were going to put an end to my naughty ways. You jerked my cock until I cried out, exploding and ejaculating into a small cup you were holding in your other hand. But as I came, you twisted my cock, jerking it hard and milking the cum out, and making me cry and sob instead of enjoy my orgasm.  You kept jerking me, not even giving my cock a moment to get soft. You squeezed it hard, stroking up and down the shaft roughly as you held it, and pulled it back between my legs again. I started to cry after the second ejaculation. My cock was sore from your rough treatment and destruction of my orgasms.

Crying or not, you forced me to cum into the cup three more times until I was begging and crying for you to stop. My cock was raw from the rough handling, and my balls burning from cumming so many times so quickly. You grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back. You put one foot between my legs putting pressure on my balls and told me to open my mouth. Whimpering and sobbing I did. I cried as you poured the cup of cum into my mouth and slapped your foot against my balls until I swallowed.

 You made me sit down on a chair and knelt between my legs. Despite the condition of my cock, you leaned down taking it in your mouth and started sucking really hard. Within a few moments, leaving me as hard and erect as ever, you pulled your mouth off of my cock.  Then you snapped some sort of cage on my cock, locking it tightly and making my already hard cock throb and swell.

You made me sit there, hands on the arm rests, my forced erection throbbing madly, as you began to dance seductively. You used every bit of your sexy body to make me squirm and whimper. When you were done you knelt down, kissed the head of my incredibly hard cock, and smiled up at me evilly. Then, you stood up and walked towards the door, saying you might visit again in six months if I was lucky.

You opened the door, and as you were about to leave, you looked back and smiled saying “until then, enjoy your locked cock, and  think of me.”  I was so hard, and I couldn’t believe you had left me like that. I tried stroking my aching cock, gasping and groaning with thoughts of you. But, no matter how hard I tried, I could not stroke myself. 

I begin to sob as I frantically tried to remove that cage. I started fiddling with it trying to get it off. Then, I saw the small hole in the metal were a key needed to be inserted. My cock was hard and I couldn’t cum, and you had the key!  I heard your voice echo in my head, with that evil laugh, telling me you may return in six months. I collapsed on the floor trying to stroke my cock, and just sobbed.  How could you do that to me?
I woke up with an incredible erection, with my heart racing, feeling terror like I had never known before. How do you excite and scare me so much!  And why do I love you so much? 

Well Lawrence, it’s all about cock control and mind fucking my “Little Pet”

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