I am a cockteasing Mistress. I LOVE to tease your cock to the very edge of release. Part of the fun is not just when you call Me, but in those moments in between. I love knowing that you are aching for Me, throbbing desperately for a mind blowing release.

*Don’t worry sweetheart, I am into Femdom orgasm edging. *

All day you are commanded to leave comments on My blog of your torment and misery. You have to tell Me how much you want to cum. You have to tell me how badly you are aching for this agony to go away. It is so incredible, you just want it to end. More than anything else in the world, you just want to cum for Me.

*Do you notice there is a podcast now at the end of My blog posts? It’s there for a reason.*

Most of them are the same mp3’s you can find on getgirlie or teasemania. However a few are a little different. They are mixed in there to reward My devoted listeners and stroker boys. They are also there to drive you crazy during the day. I know you boys wait in anticipation during the day for the night to come so you can hear My voice.

*It’s understandable to feel the need to please Me. *

Your assignment if you choose to accept it is to listen to five podcasts every day without touching yourself at all. Some of My devoted have to take a cold shower, but most get pretty blue balls for Me. This of course pleases Me as well. Finally after three days of this anguish, you may cum for Me.

*Do you want to play My game? I promise it will be worth it. *

Oh.. if you fail with your assignment, it would displease Me, but you know what they say…



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