Hey there all of you sexy strokers! I know that you think that stroking your cock is the way to go. I know that many of you stroke it daily, if not a couple (or many!) times a day. BUT, what if I were to tell you that it is much, much hotter NOT to stroke. Well, I have done the research and there are many, many men who are choosing not to touch themselves. You know what happens when they make that kind of decision? Well, they are soooo turned on by just about everything! They just see a pretty woman and their cocks get rock hard instantly! And, there is a rush that comes with NOT touching.You have a feeling of extreme self-satisfaction, accompanied by a raging bulge in your pants! How cool is that? Also, it makes you a much better lover, since you are “locked and loaded,” so to speak.

It’s a pretty amazing discipline to develop, and, if you are so inclined, I encourage you to try! It’s worth, a, um, er, shot, right? And who knows, perhaps you will find that not stroking your cock to orgasm every time you feel the urge is really a hell of a lot hotter that just indulging yourself each and every time you feel the need. You just never know what kind of reward you might get for being so stoic! If your cock is hard and ready for fun, you will be like the cab with its light on during rush hour in Times Square! Ready to roll, baby! And, you know how we women…

~ Ms Courtney ~

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