Stroking with Ms CassandraTo be able to cum with me, you must first earn it in stoke points. My blog has a gallery photo page, and I require worship strokes for each picture. One picture a day, an email sent to me to report that you have given me five edges without cumming. So, you will have to go through the whole selection before you get the final instruction on the bottom of this post.

Oh gee….I’m not sure exactly how many pictures are on there. Now in your email I want the details of each picture right down to the fingernail, how long it took you, if you stroked all at once or divided the five edges through out the day, what was going through your little head. I want to know how hard the cock was, which picture made you the hardest, which picture teased you the most, and if you deserve to cum.

Sometimes with this tease assignment, boys have been inspired to make some very impressive collages with all of the pictures. If you are artistic and your little head inspires you to worship me in this way, than a final assignment may actually be a marathon orgasm session.

This assignment has many purposes. It will sharpen your observation skills, it will teach you the art of tease and denial leaving you with a smile of satisfaction, and once you do get to cum, it will be so much more rewarding.

I’m looking forward to your daily viewing, daily edging, maybe a collage, and finally your gift from me.

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