Do you ache for an assignment My dearest pet? Are you looking for something that will really control your cock? Are you wishing for an assignment that not only gives you a bit of blessed relief from your long day at work but also stimulates your senses in a new and innovative way? I’ve got a special assignment for you sweetheart and you don’t even have to be a sissy to enjoy it.

I want you to first go out and buy a pair of knees highs. Actually buy several pairs, as you will need enough to cover five days. Next I want you to open up the package and really feel the knees highs. Feel the the way it stretches around your hand. Notice the way it feels when you slip it between your fingers. While you are doing this, I want you to look at the pictures of My body. Notice My long tan legs and how beautiful they are to you. I want you to feel My soft skin against your body.

I want you to envision rubbing your face against My beautiful thighs and worshiping my body. While looking at pictures of Me, you are to continue rubbing your fingers inside of the hose. Imagine the joys of pussy licking while rubbing your fingers in the hose. By now you are realizing that just rubbing your fingers in the knee highs is really not that stimulating. It’s more frustrating than anything isn’t it?

I know you want to put that knee high in other places.

Don’t worry, I want you to put it there too!! Slip that silky knee high over your cock and balls. Do this every day for five days next week. When you are finished email me, message or leave a comment on my blog telling me about your experience.

To cum or NOT to cum with the knee highs….

I can’t wait to hear from you!


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