One thing I have loved doing to men in my personal life is an all day tease. I do this in many ways and in the most unexpected places, picture spending the day with me only to be made hard and aching all day long.

Starting with the drive, I would slip my hand over and make that cock rock hard squeezing it through your pants until you could take no more and beg me to stop. As soon as you think you’re safe and your hard on has subsided enough not to embarrass you in public we would head into the store only to find me starting up that tease again by rubbing my ass against you as you stand behind me in a line, very subtle so as not to attract others attention but enough to make your cock grow again. I can hear it now. You’re struggling to keep your composure as you pay the cute check out girl…and on the walk back out to the car you would be saying “I can’t believe you did that to me in the store”, just to be met with some laughter and me saying “awwwwww poor baby are you getting horny?”

Another ride to lunch and me grabbing your cock again only this time pulling it out of your pants and stroking it in my bare hand, edging your cock to the point where you are unable to concentrate on the road and moaning and grunting only to have me stuff that hard dick back into your pants and say pay attention to the road sweetie. As we park the car and get out you look at me with those horny desperate eyes only to have me wink at you as I walk into the diner.

Sitting across from you using only my bare foot to run up and down the inside of your leg, sliding it up to your crotch, feeling your semi hard cock still excited from the ride, I begin to rub your now growing cock with my foot. Just as you are beginning to enjoy it you feel me pull it away because the server walked up. Oh, I love the look on a man’s face when all he can think about is cumming yet he can’t and has to actually talk to someone while hard and aching to cum. Watching you close your eyes when she walks away taking a deep breath and trying to compose yourself saying how unfair it is of me to get you this way in public only makes it more of a thrill for me. I allow you a cool down before once again slipping my toes up to your crotch and rubbing until your cock is again hard and throbbing and whispering across the table look how hard my nipples are and my panties are soaking wet from teasing your cock. You let out a moan as I slip my foot away because our lunch arrived leaving you once again on the edge of orgasm to just be denied.

The rest of the day would be a ton of the same thing your cock being brought to the edge only to be denied that explosive orgasm. BUT if you’re a very good boy when we get home I might just let you cum for me……but you will have to get through the all day tease to find that out hehehehehehehe.

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