cock teasing phone sex
I get a real kick out of teasing that dick. Making you squirm with frustration. I know deep down inside, you crave that delicious feeling that is pulsating throughout your body. It starts, deep inside those balls of yours and starts to push up and spread like wild fire. I can’t help but giggle when I hear you pant and you can hardly find your voice, you pant and squirm and barely get out the words, “Please, Princess!”

Tease and denial cock tease Princess
I have an arsenal of tricks in my tease box. I enjoy taking them out to use on you during our cock teasing phone sex session. I am always interested in pushing your boundaries. Getting you to edge that orgasm longer than the last time. Delaying that orgasm and making you wait for that gratification that masturbation brings.

I have a lot of fun with our guided masturbation sessions. And, if you are seeking a bratty stroke Princess. I am interested in making that cock throb like never before!

Stroke games, teased orgasm delay, ruined orgasm, what is that makes your dick drool with delight?

~Princess Andi ~