So you want me to help you masturbate? Ok, on one condition. I’ll help you masturbate my way. What’s my way? Well, get naked and come over here. I want you to lie back on the sofa right here, between my legs, facing away from me. Yes, that’s right. Sit right here and face the same direction that I’m facing and lie back against my body. I’m not going to stroke you. You’re going to do all the stroking exactly as I tell you. Now, here’s the lube, hold out your hand, I’ll put just a little of it in your hand to start. Spread it over the entire shaft for me. That’s right, I want you to spread it all over your cock. Just lie back against me and start stroking. Listen to my voice purring in your ear, baby. Now, while you stroke that throbbing erection, I’m going to lie back, watch and play with those nipples. Yes, I know your nipples are very sensitive. I love rubbing them gently between my two fingers and pulling on them while you masturbate for me. Now, just go slowly and use two fingers for me, one on each side of that erection. Stroke it up and down gently. Tease your cock for me. I love the view from here and I can feel your breathing getting heavier as you become more aroused. I want you to stop for a moment and wrap your entire hand around that hard cock. Yes, just like that. Now, squeeze it and release, and squeeze it again and release. See that precum starting to ooze out of the top? Oh I have plans for that precum my little stroker. Let me just reach down and swipe it right off the tip of your cockhead. What am I going to do with it? Click the audio and find out.

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