Want to play a little game with Me honey?

I love looking into your pretty eyes when I purr these questions to you. I look so sweet and innocent at times that you don’t even notice your own willpower slipping away as My grasp grows into the very essence of your soul.

Oh.. was that too deep for you sweetheart?

Perhaps I’ll just go back to being sweet and innocent again. I say these things to you when we are cuddled up on the couch together watching TV. You watch as I take index cards and pretty markers and write numbers and phrases on them. You have no idea what it means but you see how happy I am making My pretty index cards. You even encourage Me by buying metallic markers and pretty iridescent index cards. I find this to be rather funny since it will all go to your own personal agony.

Finally curiosity gets the best of you and you ask…

“Simone what on earth are you doing?”  I smile at you as I tell you it’s a new sex game. I pick a card and it will say what you will have to do for Me.

At first you are so very excited by this new game. Well, you are excited until you actually play it. There are cards that say things like;


  • Denied for five minutes while I strip for you.
  • Stroke for two minutes hard, then hit your balls.
  • Give Me 30 strokes then take your hands off My cock for 10 minutes.
  • Give Me 10 strokes while you tell Me the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done…
  • Confess to Me your wildest sex secret while giving Me 20 slow strokes.
  • Use your opposite hand to stroke 10 times then hit your balls 3x’s

The cards are real and you are only allowed three passes in a call. This means you have to do whatever the card says even if you don’t like it. It’s a fun game for Me as it is stroking instructions, CBT, Denial, and Teasing all wrapped into one *fun deck of JOY.*

Wanna Play it tonight with Me Sweetheart. I do!!! Only fate will know if you will have a happy or ruined ending.

I Love you Honey,