Wow, I can’t believe it’s the first day of spring already. You know what that means, the skirts get shorter and the days get longer. I know how much you love short skirts and a gorgeous pair of legs. You can’t wait for this time of year, can you? The weather gets warmer and you start to look for any excuse to go to the park, just so you can watch those skirts sway back and forth and those lovely bare legs. You probably think we wear them just to tease you, don’t you? Well, you’re right, we do. I love wearing my short skirts to the park. Making you look at my legs and long to touch them is my ultimate goal. In fact, I slipped into one of my favorite short little pleated skirts this morning and went for a walk in the park. I saw you there, sitting on that park bench as I walked by. Did you enjoy the view? Naturally you noticed when I stopped for a moment and bent down to pet my dog, didn’t you? But, you never expected me to sit next to you on that bench, did you?

I sat down next to you in my little short skirt, crossing my legs and smiling at you. I noticed how you couldn’t take your eyes off my long sexy legs. In fact, the more you looked the harder you got and it became very obvious you had quite a tent in your pants. I pulled my kindle out of my bag and started reading. You just sat there, reading your paper and praying I would stretch those legs out a little more. So, I did. I stretched them out in front of me, I even bent forward and rubbed the calves a little, just to tease you even more. Then, I went back to reading for awhile but the entire time I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs, letting my sandals dangle from my feet from time to time or bending down to pet my little dog. The suspense was killing you and it seemed like you had to sit there with that hard on for an eternity, didn’t it? You could practically hear the seconds ticking away as you held your breath and enjoyed the view, and your hard on.

When I get up from the bench, I turn to put my kindle in its case, slip it into my bag and in a surprise move I lean over very close to you, smiling. I whisper in your ear….

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