http://www.femdomphonesexcalls.comTeasing really is an art form and requires thought and finesse.  With so many ways to tease it is always difficult to settle on just one.  Fortunately we don’t have to.  I have become quite good at combining the different types of tease together to make your experience one you will never forget.

I know how to take the soft sensual act of undressing and combine it with the humiliation of making you stroke while you beg me to take of just one tiny piece to reveal more of my perfect skin. And there truly is something special about using subtle teases to make you squirm. Bending over to adjust my stockings, or dangling my shoe off my toes always gets that cock’s attention. The slightest touch of my breast brushing against your skin, or the way I suck on a lollipop can make your cock beg for more.

I can also use your own orgasms to tease and torment you.  I know just when to make you stop and leave you with the unfulfilled release of a ruined orgasm.  I can also control your cock making it respond to my teasing at will, keeping you in a heightened state of sexual denial.

I admit that having the demographic symbol of superiority (white men’s balls) dance at my fingertips is a true thrill for me.   It always amuses me when you become my puppet and when the puppeteer is not only a Woman, but a Native American woman.  There is a certain kind of joy I feel as you say “men are superior because we have balls,” while you see the truth as those very balls swing and sway at my fingertips.

Being a dominant woman who enjoys using everything at my disposal to tease you with is fun, but when I get my hands on those white balls of yours I get a very special thrill.   The humiliation of being at my mercy is only the beginning. I enjoy comparing the difference in color of your balls to a Native man’s balls making you see the unspoken truth.  I can’t help but giggle at how your cock pales in comparison as well.  It spurs me on to find new ways of teasing your balls.

It really does bring out something primal in me.  It is almost as if I can hear all the native American woman that have had to endure over 200 years of suffering for those pathetic white balls whispering in my ear. The sensual Mistress in me hears their calls for justice.  I can feel the joy they feel each time I take the sensual touch of my hand and turn it into something that will bring tears to your eyes. They whisper of toys and devices that will make you beg for forgiveness, their own imagination feeding mine and offering me the power of their experience. Years of training and encouragement from those same women have turned me into the perfect dominant and strict Mistress.

~ Ms. Gemma ~

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