Come over here my little stroker pet, take off your clothes and let me see that cock.  Well, that’s a very nice cock you have and I want to play with it! What I want to do first is tie up your cock and balls. I learned the art of leather rope bondage, and I am going to use it on you.  First I take and separate your balls, as tying them together is not as much fun.  I take these leather laces and tie them tightly and securely around each of your balls.

If you move, it just makes the laces squeeze tighter, so sit still while I now begin to restrain your cock.  I wrap the leather laces half way around the cock, leaving the head and part of the shaft exposed.  Why, you wonder….well, because now it’s time for a nice guided masturbation session, with a bit of cock teasing involved.

At my command, you will wrap your hand around your cock and start to stroke it nice and slowly at first, then I will tell you to stroke harder and faster.  It hurts doesn’t it?  Those leather laces rubbing against your cock as it grows harder with each stroke.  You are now beginning to experience how pain and pleasure go hand in hand.

I begin to hear the sweet sound of your moaning escape your lips…..softly at first, then getting louder with each stroke.  I command you to wrap both of your hands around your cock and twist back and forth, then stroke up and down, followed by some rapid jerking of the head, as I bring you closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. The leather is rubbing against your skin, your balls are beginning to tighten and you are dying to cum!  One nod from me and I can make you spill, but I am not ready for you to cum yet.

I want this game of cock teasing to go on for a while, so I make you stroke for me again; 15 strokes with your right hand, and 15 strokes with your left hand, and then 15 strokes with both hands rapidly jerking up and down and up and down.  Now STOP!

Let your cock rest for a moment and then just rub circles with the palm of your hand around the head of your cock.  Feels good and soothing doesn’t it?  Now, close your hand and polish that knob!

Umm, look at all that luscious pre cum oozing out of the tip of that well stroked cock!  Here, let me scoop it up and have you taste it for me, and perhaps that will help to persuade me to allow you to cum.

Oh how I love when you obey me, and are such a good little stroker boy, paying attention and doing everything I tell you to do!  I know you want to explode.

You’ve been tied up, experiencing the pain and pleasure of guided masturbation, with a twist of cock and ball teasing.  It’s strange how that all works, the twinges of pain translating into pleasure. The combination becomes thrilling and unforgettable!   You are desperate to cum as I make you continue to pump your cock to my commands.

I walk over to you with my hands behind my back, and tell you to pick a hand.  One will say “CUM” the other will say “DENIED”.   Only I know the answer, and I just love teasing all those cocks!  I guess you could say I’m a cocktease.

~ Ms Alexandria ~