I know you have a problem!  You are always stroking that thing.  Well, don’t worry. I  won’t take that fun away from you.  I want you to stroke for me. I love watching a man stroke. It excites me, especially when I know he is getting close!

Woo hooo, slow down, I don’t want this to ever end!  NO, cumming really is not an option for you!

I enjoy your stroking way too much to consider letting you cum!  That would end it far too soon! You don’t really want it to end, you love listening to me whisper in your ear about all those sexy fantasies you told me about. I enjoy running my fingers up the full length of that cock just so I can watch you shiver and shake while you try desperately to hold back.

Oh, here let me help, I’ll just rub this ice cube all over that poor hot cock and cool it down a bit. Oh yes, that seems to do the trick. Now you can stroke even longer for me!
Yes, that’s it, take it nice and slow, use only two fingers. I like that.  Now be a good boy Keep it very slow and steady here let me count it out for you;  One….two….three….there now you know just how fast to stroke.  Now let’s see how many times you can take it to the edge for me this time!

Oh the look on your face is so wonderful all that pent up frustration cumming to the surface.  Oh did I spell that wrong oopps.

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