Remember my little tale the other day about fun tease and denial games? This particular game was set in the movie theater and you were jerking off for me and for a number of unsuspecting movie patrons. If you don’t you can catch up on the first half of my story over at my blog.


Of course it turns out they weren’t unsuspecting for long.

The second time I made you pull out your cock and stroke it, I noticed a few women several seats down in the same row. I smiled and winked and saw them all giggle furiously. Hearing the laughter, you blush furiously, your hand slowing on your cock.

A sharp look from me makes you continue and I know you are getting close again. I do love this tease and denial game. There is something about having complete cock control that just drives me wild. And it drives you wild too, doesn’t it?

I can see you straining to hold on to some sanity as I make you take your hands off your cock once more. I gesture at the women in our row and within seconds they are sitting next to us, examining you like a piece of meat.

I quickly explain the situation and they giggle once more, nodding their heads in approval of my little scheme.

Once again, I make you start stroking but the ante has been upped. After all, now I’m going to make you do this in front of strangers. The thought is absolutely delicious and I command you to spread your legs as much as the seat will allow, giving the women a good view.

They all laugh and chat about your cock and how hard it is and how you are being such a good boy. They inquire about whether I will let you cum and you look at me eagerly as if I will actually give you the answer. I just shake my head and look coy.

Of course, now you are getting off too easy. Well, not getting off exactly but you know what I mean. So I make you stand up with your pants around your ankles and start jerking off. A bit of a commotion occurs in the theater and as you look around, you discover that the audience is entirely women. Embarrassment flushes your cheeks as you jerk off in front of all these women…how humiliating

I stand up and explain the situation and ask the women whether I should let you come or not. The cheers of ‘yes’ outweigh the no’s and I nod my head, finally allowing you some relief. I hold something up as you groan, your cum spurting everywhere.

When you are spent, everyone turns their attention back to the movie. You sit down and thank me ever so graciously.

I smile, knowing that I let you off a bit easy. Or did I?

I hand you the bag of popcorn as I turn my attentions back to the movie. You notice that your gooey cum is now coating the top.

First time for everything, darling.

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