Stroke for DeliaI love knowing that your balls are full of cum because of me. I especially love giving out a good case of blue balls, lol!

Today, I want you to stroke for me and work yourself up into a frenzy. Follow these steps to get yourself where I want you to be:

1. Get naked for me! I love a naked strokerboy.

2. Pull up your favorite internet porn, or better yet my pictures.

3. When you are fully erect, I want you to begin touching yourself. That’s right. You will get hard without even touching  your cock.

4. I want you to tease your balls and lightly graze your cock with your fingers.

5. Now start to stroke with purpose. That purpose is to get completely worked up and at the edge for me.

6. When you get right to the edge you are going to stop stroking completely and go back to teasing and lightly grazing your cock.

7. I want you to edge like this for 30 minutes. Oh what, does that seem too long? Awww. Poor, whiny strokerboy, then 45 minutes it is for you. You will stroke and edge for 45 minutes.

Now hopefully 45 minutes has been just enough time to give you a good case of blue balls over the next couple of hours. When you have endured that ache deep in your abdomen for two hours or more, I will be a happy Mistress! Suffer in silence or hear my voice advise you. I do not think the news will be good.

Happy blue balls!

Empress Delia~