If you have ever had the unique pleasure of a stroking call with me, you’ll know I have a thing for pre-cum. And I have a very special way of encouraging your sticky frontrunners to make a voluminous appearance.

Did you know that your cock has a “root” – meaning it extends about two inches into your body? And that when you press it a certain way, you can put indirect pressure on your prostate, a.k.a. the male g-spot? Oh, the things this redheaded Hand Slut learns from having not-quite-sex with more residents and doctors than I can count!

So lie on your back and pull your legs apart. Lift your balls by the extra sack skin and reach behind them. Cluster your fingers (the broader the area of surface contact, the better) and gently press straight up the center of your body. If you were a woman those fingers would be disappearing inside – and I mention that purely to give you an indication of where and how you should be pressing **bats lashes**.

Increase that pressure and start moving your hand slowly from side to side. I said “slowly” – and there is no doubt in my mind that you missed that part. Come on, strokefiend, slow down. There’s no rush to this finish line. Now you should be feeling that cock root rolling out from under your probing fingers. Push to the left, it rolls out to the right…push to the right, it rolls out to the left. Close your eyes and just enjoy that unfamiliar sensation for a minute or two.

Look at the tip of your cock. Is there a bead of pre-cum? Perhaps a drip? Even better if you’ve got a steady little stream going. Whatever you’ve got, it’s a *lot* more than usual, isn’t it…and your hand hasn’t delivered a single stroke to your rigid shaft yet.

There’s something else you should be doing while applying this rolling pressure that will shift your hunger for an orgasm up a few gears. In fact, some men can come from this type of stimulation without a single tug if they know this trick. But what kind of cockteasing mistress would I be if I told you everything?


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