Stroker boy, get ready for a tease you will never forget.  I hope you’re ready to be teased by me because I will show you no mercy!

Now I know that cock wants some stimulation. After all, you have been stroking it for hours, simply hoping and wishing I would get it hard, tease it, and maybe let it cum!

I bet you would love to have my permission to stroke it while you stare at my sexy body, wouldn’t you?

Well guess what? Ms. Delia is feeling generous. I will let you stroke it for my amusement. Go ahead pull your cock out and stroke it really softly up and down.

Tease it, slowly and gently for me! You know what I want you to do. I want to find a very silky, soft piece of cloth, or better yet, a sheer and soft pair of panties. I want you to wrap what you find around that cock. I want you to savor the sexy material against your cock.

I want you to imagine that my soft silky hand is what is wrapped around the material gently stroking your cock.

Remember,  you have to earn that reward stroker boy. I may never let you cum! Or will I? You never know do you? Now, continue to stroke it nice and slowly up and down. Are you doing a good job my little stroker boy! Are you pleasing me with the way you are jacking off? I hope you are doing it just right!

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Happy Stroking!