When I think about cock tease and denial I always do my best to find ways to maximize your level of frustration. The way I see it is like this, tease and denial is the ultimate form of control a woman can have over a man. Now any nitwit can get a man’s prick hard, there is absolutely no skill in that whatsoever. But, controlling a man by his cock is an artform that only intelligent women like the Dominant Mistresses here at LDW can provide. The smart woman possesses gall and guile and employs them both in seizing control over you and your little giggle stick. Delving in and mining out those precious geodes of knowledge about you are the true key. Working your fetishes against you and creating a blueprint in which to control you for as long as I choose.

I for example take great arrogant pleasure in locking you up in a chasity device and then going at you for hours. Listening to you beg as I taunt you with my beautiful body and wicked and twisted sense of humor. The moans and breathlessness are what drive me to press harder into you. I flash you my breasts, I lean into your ear and make ecstatic moans that send shivers down your little trapped penis. I am filled with glee when I have you to the point that you cannot think straight because you cannot focus on anything other than the prick you cannot stroke.

What a willing participant you become during a tease phone sex session for me that you will agree to do just about anything in order to be granted permission to touch your own chubby. Imagine Me sitting across from you stroking some phallic object like a dildo or perhaps even just gesturing a hand jerk in front of you. See that kind of sadistic fun is the mind-fuck. It’s the glue that holds us together and what gives me ownership of that cock. You won’t touch it unless I say, even if I do give you permission to undo the lock and open it. Like the caged bird that does not know it’s own freedom, that is how disassociated from your own penis you will become. You will wait, you will obey. Is it your dream or your nightmare, or can you even tell anymore? It’s time to ask yourself if this type of sensual domination is for you and if you think you are ready for it, you can give me a call.