Teasing has always been one of my very favorite things to do to men. Be it mental or physical, the tease is one of the sexiest things a woman can do and the most controlling.

Loving to tease you as much as I do, making you tease yourself is even more fun. So, that’s what you’re going to do for me today.  Being a cock tease princess, I get to tell you just how to tease that prick and you get to listen.

First of all, you need a vibrator. Oh, don’t worry stroker boys, this game isn’t going to turn you into a sexy little pink panty wearing fem boy, but it might give you blue balls. *giggle*

Now get out that vibrator because the art of the tease is slow seduction. Slide your fingers up the inside of your leg to your balls, squeezing them lightly and then moving your hand away. Your cock will jump a little, disappointed that it wasn’t stroked, but you’ll just take one finger and run it up and down the shaft of your cock. Just one finger.

You’re getting ready, to turn on the vibrator. Now click it on and press the tip right on the head of your cock. That’s right, just move it around a little, teasing that head, just like a tongue swirling around. Feel the vibration. Tease your cock.

Now close your eyes and imagine me standing there, fully dressed watching you while I move that vibrator around on your cock. Move it down the shaft and right underneath your balls. Teasing you. Making you twitch and ache and need to stroke.

But don’t you remember this is just a tease. I’m going to watch you get right to the edge and then take my vibrator back, turn it off, drop it in my purse and smile at you while I walk out. Until next time….


If you want to kiss the sky you’ve got to learn how to kneel….On your
knees boy!

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