It should come as no surprise to you that throughout my life I have been accustomed to an overt amount of male attention. For the most part they have been the type of guy that I would never really give the time of day to. You know the ones I mean, don’t you? Those ever present Beta Males who wish they could be the most attractive and popular guy around. The ones who spark the sadistic nature inside of me to toy with your emotions and your lust of me. I’m sure you are familar with what I am talking about. That hot fantasy woman who has always caused a stirring in your pants no matter what she does, you have to only be in her presence for you to feel the effects of her magnetic pull on your penis.

That feeling you experience is called cock control, and you fall for it without even being aware of my powerful hold over you. I coerce you into chauffering me around, using your gas and your money on a day filled with high-end boutiques and luxurious taste. How can you resist when you get to spend all of your time around the woman of your dreams? Now you know what it feels like to have your cock on a leash, owned by a seductively, sensual dominant woman.

This powerful appeal of being my little minion is what keeps you calling this phone sex service to indulge in your fond memories of when the beautiful vixen you adored teased your cock for her own needs. Go ahead, click on the little banner-poo and listen to hear me tease you to no end.

~ Victoria ~


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