You just never know who (or what) you’re going to meet on the World Wide Web do you?

The advent of modern information technology and the internet have made it possible to connect with persons that we would otherwise not be able to communicate with, let alone know of their existence. My engagements here at LDW  have afforded me ample opportunity to meet many people with unique fetishes and desires in a forum where one can express them in an uninhibited manner.

One of my callers is a very unique man with a nice build, but who is a bit ‘petite’ down there…..or maybe I’ll just come out and say it, he has a tiny dick and balls. I mean his genitalia are sooooo small that he’s a freak of nature! I call him the ‘dickless wonder’ and humiliate him….and he loves it. “Fuckin’ circus freak”, I say laughing.

“Listen skank”, I say to him in a firm tone, “you can’t satisfy me with conventional sex so you’ll need to satisfy me in other ways that cater to the more domineering and masculine facets of my personality!”. “That means making you my bitch, letting me fill your mouth and of course letting me pound that round ass too!”, I tell him. “I want you dressed up in those slutty white boots too, since they go along with your look”, I add.

I love the fact that he works out and builds up those legs and ass cheeks for me! He also tans in a thong too, which is not something that many men do, do they? I just love the way his little “slut-tan line” brands his ass, looking almost like an arrow pointing to his little “She-She” hole. Having a tan line like that just screams, “I’m an anal slut who wants to get fucked up the ass!”. Dildo fucking a man’s ass is a total turn on for me, in that it allows me to experience a feeling of profound sexual empowerment. “Pegging” (as it is colloquially known) is gaining popularity with the availability of sturdy strap-on dildos, and allows women to reverse the roles and “take charge” sexually.

It’s so much fun taking him from behind, starting off slowly, then building up to a fervor with fast power fucking thrusts that make a rhythmic slapping sound a la doggy style – SLAP!, SLAP!, SLAP!….

I’d love to get one of those dildos that has one end inserted into me and the other made for his ass! That way, I’m able to experience vaginal/clitoral stimulation while exerting my domineering tendancies on my male bitch! With each thrust, I get more turned on. It’s a real thrill to fuck that slut hole, grab his hips….or maybe crouch down and start whispering the absolute nastiest verbiage that comes into my mind. “Yeah, you like that you little slut? Me fucking your STENCH-HOLE, bitch? How’s that MAN-CUNT feel while I pound it?” Then I reach over and give a nice slap on that tight ass and start pounding away. “Your ass is mine bitch!”.

He might start complaining about “how it’s not fair that we can’t have normal sex like most couples do” in a whimpering tone but there’ll be no sympathetic response from me…..I’ll relish the opportunity to weave an even more humiliating and degrading verbal tapestry than before! “Aaawwww, what’s the matter, is my little micro-dick feeling bad today? I’m so sorry baby”, I say in a faux sympathetic tone. “I’m sure we’ll be able to have hot normal sex”, I say, barely able to contain my laughter!!

“HAHAHAAAAA, HAHAAA, are you fucking kidding me?”, I say in the most obnoxious, but comedic tone. “You couldn’t get past my ass cheek to even begin to penetrate me if we were doing it doggy style!!!”, I state bluntly. “You can’t penetrate like my stud lovers can, so therefore, you can’t have conventional sex with me, got it STENCH-HOLE? You have to satisfy me in an unconventional way!”, I add, “you have no choice!”

I tease him further by saying “All those hot couples out there are having hot NORMAL conventional sex? Oooh doggy style, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP! Just think at any given time there are thousands of couples having hot normal, dick-in-pussy sex! But you’re here with me, and I get to turn you into my man-pussy, skank slut!”.

As I continue to pound his man-pussy for my pleasure and the moans of pleasure and slapping sounds fill the air, I grab his hair with one hand, his hip with the other and proclaim “It’s sex in the 21st Century bitch! Get used to it!” and accelerate my thrusting, then STOP when he is just at the EDGE….and tell him “Go stand in the corner Slut, you’re not allowed to cum today!!  Denied, Humiliated, and Degraded…….sound like fun? 

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